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Fully automated, exhaustive, portfolio of analyses, web-based identification/management and corrective prescriber reports that are trended for change.
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Pro Pharma Analyses all pharmacy and medical data monthly for compelling clinical edits. These edits identify categories of edits as effectiveness problems, elevated risk concerns, and opportunities for improving utilization or cost savings. There are over one-hundred edits, but some of the most compelling address: compliance problems, duplicate therapy, medications discouraged for age or gender, dosing concerns, polypharmacy, coordination of care, and drug-induced disease. Each clinical edit is prioritized on a 10 point scale so that problems can be prioritized for management purposes.

PSQs Provide Answeres for:

  • What are the high priority risks to my population?
  • Who is responsible for managing these risks?
  • How have the risk changed over time?


Edits can be viewed in total by prescriber and/or patient. They can also be evaluated by category. The results of edits identified for all prescribers and patients are trended over time to identify performance improvements.


PSQs™ are also included in the Pro Pharma Quality Management Program™ identifies and drives quality improvements down to the patient level for appropriate managment.


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