Request for Proposal Management

Fully automated, digital, customizable, searchable, document linked, web-based program to allow for rapid and efficient evaluation of vendor proposals.
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Do you want to take the RFP process out of the "dark ages" and into the electronic and web-based world?

Are You Tired of Reading Dozens of Bulky 3-Ring Binders?

Is Your RFP Process Labor-Intensive and Time-Consuming?

PRO PHARMA uses proprietary templates to help you decide organizational priorities. Weighted vendor scoring methodology makes the final decision making process easier than ever before. We will manage the RFP process from the first compilation of potential vendors through the final selection of the PBM vendor using email and web-based communications.

PRO PHARMA has automated the RFP process with the following key features:

  • Viewing of Several Vendor Responses in Head-To-Head
  • Comparison Electronically or In Print Format
  • Client-Specific Customization
  • Key Word Search Capability
  • Cost Accounting for Comparison of Vendor Financial Submissions


Pro Pharma utilizes an integrated data approach to analyze pharmacy and medical encounter claims through problem flagging, feedback benchmarking prices, peer to peer comparison. This program is fully customizable to fit the needs of each client.


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